The Advantages of UPVC Roofing
Whether you are Re-roofing or planning to build a new home, UPVC roof tile will be the best choice. How much do you know about UPVC? What are the advantages & disadvantages?.

Long Life Span and Durability
The main factors that homeowners consider are longevity and durability. UPVC roofs have been found to last between 40~50 years. UPVC roofs  can withstand strong winds. No need to worry about maintenance and upkeep with UPVC roofs.

Energy and Safety Advantages
UPVC roof is an energy efficient roof. It reflects solar heat and can cut back on cooling costs immensely. You can be rest assured knowing that UPVC roof won't go up into flames in the event of a lightening strike.

Sound absorption and heat insulation
You should be warned that a metal roof can be quite noisy in the event of heavy rain or hail. UPVC roof can avoid the above inconveniences.

The metal roof sheet is easy to rust, especially in coastal areas. UPVC roof has a good anti-corrosion ability.