Eco Roofing manufactures technologically advanced Rigid Multilayer (3-layer) Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Choloride (UPVC) roofing materials with superior quality and excellent performance. Eco Roofing materials comes with thickness ranging from 1.5mm to 3mm. Eco Roofing with it's unique profile design for roofing and cladding works provides various advantages for all types of buildings and contruction industries


A Multi layer of eco vinyl industrial cool roof (100% Chemical resistant roofing sheet) contains no harmful insulation materials. Solar heat reflectivity is more than 80% compared with other products. The internal space is  cool and comfortable. It is suitable for all types of industrial needs. This product is self-extinguishable

Steel Smelting Ind, Aluminum Smelting Ind, Galvanizing Ind, Chemical Ind, Cable Ind,Commercial Centres. Fertilizer Ind, Government Projects, Anodizing Ind, Rubber Processing Ind, Commercial Ind ( Shop Houses & Show Rooms ), Food Processing Ind & Pharmaceutical Ind. Food courts, Schools, Warehouses, Manufacturing Factories, Poultry & Dairy Farms, Seaside Resorts, Multi-purpose Halls, PLKN Camps, Grower Packing Houses, Club Houses and High & Low Cost Residential Housing

The longevity of vinyl roof systems is like all roof systems which are dependent on the design and installation of the systems. Longevity is also dependent on the formulation, reinforcing scrims and thickness of the membranes. Enhancements in each of these areas will help prolong the lifespan of the vinyl roof system. There are numerous examples of vinyl roof systems which have been successful in excess of 25 years. The Vinyl Roofing Division of the Chemical Fabrics and Film Association was created to educate architects, specifiers, building owners and roofing contractors on the attributes of vinyl as a durable, reflective and heat-weld able material for multi layer roofing systems. Representing all leading manufacturers of vinyl roofing systems in Malaysia, the association is committed by scientifically backed information on the environmental and functional performance of energy-efficient vinyl roofing membranes

Due to the POLY VINYL CHLORIDE characteristics, this product is able to withstand salty air from the sea and other chemical corrosion that normally causes rust problems for metal roof surfaces

White vinyl roofs achieve some of the highest reflectance and emittance measurements of which roofing materials are capable. A white vinyl roof can reflect 80% or more of the sun’s rays and emit at least 70% of the solar radiation that the building absorbs, making it a more sustainable roofing option. An asphalt roof only reflects between 6%- 26% of solar radiation, resulting in greater heat transfer to the buildings interior and greater demand for air conditioning – and strains both operating costs and the electric power grid. Net annual energy savings are typical even in northern climates. Cool roofs can have more impact on energy cost than energy use, cutting consumption during peak power demands when the rates are the highest.

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