Faith Technologies Sdn.Bhd being a construction company over Thirteen(13)years of experiences, has developed and integrated the construction Technology. We have developed a new construction material that is cost effective for the construction Industries.

Eco Roofing is a Multi Layer (UPVC) roofing sheet and the technology was founded in the United States and United Kingdom. Our product has been produced and widely used in Malaysia for the past Twelve(12)years. Eco Roofing has been recognized and approved by Public Works Department Malaysia(JKR).

Below are the advantages of our roofing system:


1. Lightweight

2. Rust proof

3. Homogeneous coating

4. Noise resistant

5. Fire retardant

6. Heat resistant

7. No insulation required

8. Easy installation

9. Minimum maintenance

10. Chemical Resistant


And many more advantages as you can find in our brochure.

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